Investing in the future

UMW Capital provides early-stage startups with the capital and advice to assist in the commercialisation of scalable, globally orientated technology, retail and health science ventures.

With extensive experience across a broad range of industries, our team assess the merits of each venture relative to sector, competitive landscape, uniqueness of concept, growth opportunities and scalability.

Pivotal to every assessment are the people behind each venture, their acumen and capacity to grow as venture partners.

More than just a good idea

While business inevitably involves risk, it should never be a game a chance. With a structured mandate and disciplined investment approach, our management team target above average returns across a range of diversified investment portfolios.

Working closely with the founders of each business, we leverage human capital to minimise pitfalls commonly encountered in the startup phase and maximise the return on investment for equity participants. By utilising this knowledge and experience, we guide each venture with sound strategic advice and robust financial management when their resources are most commonly stretched.

UMWC Series One Fund

UMWC Series One Fund focused on web-based technologies across the retail, cloud and e-commerce sectors. Commencing in April 2014, the series one fund has a five year term and backed four early-stage startups with a total fund size of $500,000.

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UMWC Series Two Fund

UMWC Series Two Fund will invest in a broad range of ventures across the technology, retail and health science sectors. Opening in September 2015, this fund will have a five year term and will look to back up to ten early-stage startups.

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